DevLog Entry #20


I guess by now you’re probably used to the long silences between these DevLog updates. But fear not! It doesn’t not mean there is no progress on the game. Quite the contrary! I’ve been so busy working on the game that I just haven’t had time to keep ya’ll updated through here. I do however try to post a little something something over on Twitter every once in a while (@deadtoast_com)

So! I thought I’d do a little compilation of what I’ve been posting on twitter for anyone who might have missed it. Prepare for GIF overload!

So this is a little snippet of what Pedro’s world currently looks like. There will be a short part of the game where things might get a bit… weird…

Here’s another little preview of what another theme currently looks like. It’s supposed to be some sort of electricity power plant-sort-of-location.

Again, here’s another theme. Like everything else you’ve seen so far it’s Work in Progress. The GIF also demonstrates some of the more “puzzely” bits of the game where the tempo slows down a bit.

Aaand another theme. This one’s a sewage. Because all video games must have a sewage theme.

Some good ol’ sliding-and-shooting-action.

This is what I’ve been polishing up most recently, namely making it easier to pull of the move you see above. The kicking trajectory of objects are now visualized better and if you’re close enough to an enemy it helps you auto aim your kicking to the enemies head. Jolly fun stuff.

This GIF is a bit special, actually, since it’s exported directly from the actual game itself! Meaning the current plan is that you’ll be able to export your own GIFs of yourself pulling off cool shizzle in the game, without having to use any third party GIF recording software!

Aaand that’s probably enough stuff for now. There’s still lots of work to be done, and there’s still lots of work you haven’t seen yet that has already been done. Like, for example, something that’s worth a quick mention is that there is now a scoring system which adds to the general feedback of when you’re doing cool stuff, and creates great opportunities for replayablity.

Until next time!

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