DevLog Entry #10

I can’t believe this is DevLog Entry nr. 10 already! It’s growing up so fast.

This week quite a bit of time has been spent on “paper design”, or just thinking up ideas to make in the future. I’ve got some ideas for new weapons and ways of combining the various new gameplay elements, which is rather exciting!

However, what I actually managed to create this week is also really rather exciting!

I started by iterating on that Tesla-ball-baddie, making it a bit more challenging and unique from the rest of the enemies. It now “scans” the room from top to bottom, leaving you a clearly defined time limit to shoot it before the beam reaches you.

With the change of the Tesla-ball-baddie-thingie (it should probably have a name…), and ‘the way electricity works in this world’, it made sense to make this. It’s a static wall/roof/floor-mounted electricity-emitter and it turns off for a brief moment when shot. The beam can also be blocked with objects to clear the path. I’m pretty certain this will create some cool gameplay moments when I get around to putting my level-design-hat on.

This next one I get excited about! I did some work on the bullet impact effects and discovered some new tricks in the Unity particle system.

So this got me excited enough to try out this idea which has been growing in the back of my mind for a while. Basically any slow motion game has to have lots of stuff blowing up and things flying all over the place. It also provides some pretty cool gameplay, using those boxes that take a couple of hits before getting torn to pieces.

Lastly here’s a little sneak-peak of what’s next. The rough idea is that there’s a drone-thingie (which is probably trying to kill you, somehow) that you can grab on to and hover around with. Let’s see how it turns out!

That’s all for now.
Until next time.
Piece out!

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