My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bannas

‘My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas’ is an action packed 2D platformer with
highly acrobatic elements which draws inspiration from games like Max Payne and
movies like The Matrix. The ambition of the game is for it’s players to truly
feel skillful, rather than feeling like you’re continuously triggering cool
looking animations. Oh, and it also features a talking banana named Pedro…
But more on that later!

The game is currently in a pre-alpha stage and is aimed to be released on PC (and probably Mac) eventually.

This is a re-imagining of the greatly appreciated original
Flash-game ‘My Friend Pedro’, which you can play here:


GIF Time!




I’m currently the only one working on this project. What you see is the result of about
8 months of on and off development. A lot of that time has been spent on learning Unity
and general 3D-stuffs (both visually and programming), as I’ve previously mainly made
2D Flash games (excluding games worked on while being employed by a company).

This is the first time I’m having a go at a DevLog and I’m hoping to be able to post stuff
pretty frequently. I’m currently juggling this project with some occasional contract work
and general procrastination Smiley

Anyways, enough words. Time for screenshots!
(Click an image to view the full picture)


Thank you ever so much for taking time to check out this project!

Going solo, indie, lone-wolfing it! Also, Blacklist is coming (probably for real this time)

So if you see this, you’ve most likely just played one of my old flash games and clicked a link leading you here. I hope you take a moment to look around! If not, cheers for playing my games! :)

Anyways, I used to work for a game company called Media Molecule (making LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2 and, about to be released, Tearaway). I spent a good 6 years (or so) there and learnt copious amounts of invaluable lessons (both in life and game-making-related). But a few months back I took big scary leap out in to the world and decided to try my luck going solo.

So the first game I’ll release in a long, long time will be Blacklist, a game I started working on oh so many moons ago. 7 years ago, I believe (however many moons that is). I nearly finished it, but had various things come up, stopping me from putting the final bits in. It will still be a bit longer before I can release it, but here’s the trailer again, for your viewing pleasure!

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