Chipstroganoff – Shadow of the beard

Oooh life. It’s a difficult thing to balance. There has been little time outside of work for any side projects lately. I have however managed to squeeze this thing out during my commute in the mornings and evenings. It’s made in this amazing iPhone/iPad app called NanoStudio. Jolly good fun. Do check it out. 🙂

Chipstroganoff – Pppp

Soo… after making “Sausage Baby Surprise” I wanted to try to mix sculpture with plush toy. What came out was this marionette-puppet-thingie. With that it seemed to be a good idea to make a video. So me and my lovely lady spent a whole Sunday running around London shooting whatever footage we could think of. So what should we use this footage for, we thought? Since there’s not really any coherency in the video and it’s all a bit random a music video seemed fitting. But we didn’t have any music… so I decided to try and make some! “Ooo” is going to be my new alter-ego in the music realm, from now on 🙂

Update: Scratch that. “Ooo” was already being used by somebody else. Great music, btw. You should check him out. Anyway, so from now on I’ll go ahead and use my old VJ alter-ego “Chipstroganoff” 🙂

Click here if you want to download the MP3